Spiced Apple Fruit Tea


The ultimate in extravagant sipping. Engineered for pure, smooth  enjoyment, Apple Spiced Apple delivers all the character and flavour you’d expect from a luxury herb and fruit tea.

Apple Spiced Fruit Tea is a naturally blend of dried apple pieces mixed with cardamom, cloves, pepper and cinnamon. This produces a crisp delicious apple experience with sweet and piquant spice notes.

Origin:  Canada  / USA  / Thailand  / Spain / Egypt

Brewing:   Bring fresh drawn cold water to a boil. Place 1 heap teaspoon of loose tea into a teapot. Pour water. Cover and let it brew for 5-10 minutes according to taste.(the longer the brewing time, the better the flavour as more fruit or herb flavour is extracted). Sweeten to taste.

Ingredients: Luxury natural dried Apple, Hibiscus, Natural dried Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Pepper, Stevia, Cornflower petals and Natural flavours

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